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Ascent Pre Workout

Ascent Pre Workout

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Welcome to Ascent – The Official Sponsor of Hard Work.

Ascent was created with one purpose in mind: to naturally improve athletic performance. Like you, we know shortcuts do not exist. On your path, there are no gimmicks — just Hard Work and the right nutrition.

Ascent is committed to using the best real food ingredients and is designed to improve muscle health and performance. The rest is up to you, and we believe your best is still ahead.

Zero Artificial Ingredients

Ascent Pre-Workout contains zero artificial ingredients or flavors and is naturally sweetened. Ascent is also Certified Gluten Free Certified and Informed Sport Certified.

Clean Energy – 150mg of Caffeine Per Serving

Ascent Pre-Workout contains 150mg of caffeine per scoop, the equivalent of 1.5 – 2 cups of coffee, to provide the energy you need for Hard Work. The caffeine in Ascent Pre-Workout is naturally sourced from concentrated coffee fruit extract.

Boost Hydration Levels

Ascent Pre-Workout sets the stage for Hard Work by pre-loading up to 50% of the electrolytes lost in a 1 hour workout, helping to naturally boost hydration levels.

  • New, unbeatable taste without a single artificial ingredient
  • If you like sweet flavors, we recommend our Watermelon. If you prefer tart flavors, try our Raspberry Lemonade
  • The clean way to boost energy with 150mg of naturally sourced caffeine from coffee fruit extract
  • 250mg of electrolytes for hydration
  • Certified Gluten Free and Informed Sport Certified