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BeeAlive Sweet Energy Formula, Queen's Harvest Royal Jelly and Honey (3 Month Supply)

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One of our most potent formulas, Sweet Energy provides a generous 1,066 mgs of Royal Jelly. We start with fresh, never freeze-dried, Royal Jelly and blend it with natural honey for a delicious taste. Sweet Energy is perfect for anyone who really enjoys taking an extra potent amount of Royal Jelly everyday, and prefers not to take capsules. Providing core energy, stamina and vitality, Royal Jelly is a nutritious substance that is a complex of many bio-active compounds, including a wide array of naturally-occurring nutrients and 10-HDA found nowhere else in nature. To experience the full, ongoing benefits of Royal Jelly, we offer Sweet Energy in a 3-month supply. You will feel the difference! Why does Bee Alive prefer to sell their Royal Jelly in a 3-month supply? Royal Jelly is a natural food substance that can take time to work in your body. While some people see results much more quickly than others, through the years we have discovered that the full benefits does take a little longer for some people. We suggest a three month supply of Royal Jelly to give you the best opportunity to be consistent with taking the product. However, please remember that we offer Royal Jelly products with different potencies and in different formulas that may impact how quickly you feel results. At Bee Alive, the most important thing to us is that our customers feel the results, experienced as an overall sense of well being, vitality and stamina, throughout one’s day and life. This is why we guarantee all of our Royal Jelly Energy supplement products. Money Back Guarantee! We are so confident that you are going to love Bee Alive's products that we back them with our Money Back Guarantee (less shipping and handling). However, if for some reason you need to return or replace a product, we will gladly do so within 120 days of your date of purchase.

  • Fresh, never freeze-dried, Royal Jelly blended with natural honey for a delicious taste
  • Sweet Energy Formula provides a generous 1,066mgs of Royal Jelly
  • Enhances core energy, stamina and vitality! You will feel the difference!
  • Money Back Guarantee within 120 days of your date of purchase!