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Da Vinci Sugar Free Original Hazelnut Syrup 25.4 oz

Da Vinci Sugar Free Original Hazelnut Syrup 25.4 oz

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This Classic Hazelnut Syrup allows you to quickly and easily create delicious drinks from the comfort of your own home. Used by baristas around the world, this syrup is the perfect complement to any beverage you create! This syrup is specially formulated to offer great flavor without being overly sweet. It was designed to hold up in hot beverages and to resist curdling in milk. Try this syrup in espresso based drinks, italian sodas, teas, and skinny cocktails. If you're feeling adventurous try drizzling some onto your favorite desserts such as ice cream, cheesecakes, and even baked goods for the perfect finishing touch!

Classic Hazelnut Syrup is sweetened with pure cane sugar, with natural flavors and ultra-filtered water. The sweet Hazelnut flavor packs a punch that will not go unnoticed in your beverages. It comes in a plastic bottle for no worry delivery, handling, and disposal. The new labeling also looks great on display and provides a more upscale appearance for you and your guests to enjoy.

Born to raise flavor. Since the 1980s Davinci Gourmet has been crafting high end gourmet syrups, sauces, and flavorings. Featuring vibrant flavors, Davinci Gourmet crafts premium sauces and syrups with simple, quality ingredients such as pure cane sugar, ultra-filtered water and natural flavors. With over 170 unique flavors to choose from, Davinci Gourmet has a flavor for even the most picky taste buds. Try this flavor today!

  • Irresistible Hazelnut Flavor
  • 750 ML Plastic Bottle
  • Pure cane sugar and naturally flavored
  • Perfect for coffee and cocktails
  • Add a splash of Hazelnut flavor to your favorite beverage