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Duralex - Provence Clear Drinking Glass Tumblers, Sets of 6 (8oz. (250ml))

Duralex - Provence Clear Drinking Glass Tumblers, Sets of 6 (8oz. (250ml))

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As sister glass of the iconic Picardie collection, the Duralex Provence glasses are just as functional and refined and they are also extremely comfortable in the hand. The teardrop pattern of these glasses adds a sophisticated casual look. The tempering process of these Duralex glasses is what makes them so tough. This treatment creates controlled stress in the glass which improves its resistance to impacts. These glasses are virtually unbreakable, however, if the tumbler does break then it is designed to shatter into small pieces which are less dangerous. Duralex is the specialist in the design and production of tempered glass tableware since 1945. More than ever, it is synonymous with toughness, design and everyday practicality.
  • Provence stackable glassware is Duralex’s response to the iconic Picardie tumblers collection. Distinguished by a teardrop design, the glass tumblers are just as functional and casual.
  • These glasses have been tempered – (the name of the technical process of strengthening glass with thermal treatments) thus they are super tough drinking glasses which are more durable as they are more resistant and can withstand sudden thermal shocks.
  • Suitable for everyday use, they can hold hot or cold drinks and are safe to use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Made in France
  • Duralex glasses are known to be nonporous meaning that the liquids contained inside are less able to absorb or leach into the glass itself. The use of this nonporous glass tumbler improves the level of hygiene as it reduces the of tiny particles being transferred from user to user
  • Capacity: 8oz. Diameter: 3 1/8” Height: 3 7/8”