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Earth Science Liken Plant Natural Deodorant Herbal Perfume - 2.5 oz

Earth Science Liken Plant Natural Deodorant Herbal Perfume - 2.5 oz

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Plant-based deodorant with Lichen Extract in a gentle, effective and long-lasting formula to control odor all day without aluminum.
  • NATURAL DEODORANT STICK: Formulated with honest ingredients like lichen extract, safflower oil, and water for non-irritating, all-day protection. It also includes propylene glycol, which allows for sticks to stay solid and slide smoothly on armpits.
  • LICHEN PLANT DEODORANT: The unique lichen plant is an interesting little secret from pure nature. Also known as "old man's beard" or "tree moss," it is a natural antibacterial agent used in deodorants and other skincare products to help prevent odor.
  • FEEL FRESH ALL DAY LONG: The herbal perfume scent will keep you smelling feminine and good. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, even for use on kids. If you want to smell delicious, this deodorant will be the clear choice for your daily routine!
  • DEODORANT VS. ANTIPERSPIRANT: If you're questioning the difference, this deodorant is free of aluminum and made for fighting against odor. An antiperspirant is made to protect against odor and sweat, but aluminum could affect men and women.
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