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Finest Call Premium Bloody Mary Drink Mix, 1 Liter Bottle (33.8 Fl Oz), Pack of 6

Finest Call Premium Bloody Mary Drink Mix, 1 Liter Bottle (33.8 Fl Oz), Pack of 6

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Add a Splash of Fruit...with Finest Call

Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes were designed first and foremost with the professional bartender in mind. From the innovative, user-friendly store-and-pour package, to the premium ingredients inside, Finest Call has become a staple in bars and restaurants around the globe. Each Finest Call Premium Cocktail mix is crafted to be simple, consistent and delicious. This allows professional mixologist and pros-at-home to deliver high-demand cocktails with minimul hassle. Finest Call mixes are well-balanced with full flavor, aroma and consistency, and can be used to make delicious cocktails that are shaken, stirred, built or blended.  Finest Call mixes are not just for cocktails and alcoholic drinks - try Finest Call in Italian sodas, teas, smoothies, lemonades, slushies and more!

The Fruit

It all starts with the fruit! The world is filled with thousands of varieties and hundreds of types of fruit - the majority of which do not possess the qualities necessary to find its way into a Finest Call product.  Finest Call chooses its fruit to maximize taste based on two very important factors:

Fruit Variety - Finest Call has a limited number of fruit varieties to provide consistency. Meaning that you can count on the fact that each product will taste the same...time after time.

Ripeness - The Fruit used in Finest Call is harvested in a very narrow window of time within the growing season. This exacting harvest standard effectively assures that fruit harvested either too early or too late for optimal flavor never finds its way into a bottle of Finest Call.

Maximizing the Cocktail Experience

Finest Call is the top-selling shelf-stable, on-premise cocktail mix brand in the world. The brand's success is in large part due to strict adherence to four cardinal principles that serve as philosophical benchmarks:

Unparalleled Quality - Finest Call proudly uses only carefully-selected varieties of fruit harvested at optimal ripeness.

Innovative, Transformational Packaging - Innovative store-and-pour packaging with a new dispensing closure designed specifically for high speed pour applications.

Industry Partnership - Developed specifically to meet the needs of bar professionals.

A Global Brand - Currently available in more than 80 countries worldwide, covering 6 continents.

"Life’s way too short to drink bad drinks."

In 1995, the Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes line redefined the on-premise mixer category with its innoative and bartendar-friendly store-and-pour package, created specifically with professional bartenders in mind. Currently the closeure comes in three distinct sizes, each serving to regulate flow based on the specific product and application: Full-Pour, Control-Pour, and Liquor-Pour.

Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes are used to create high quality, consistent, quick and profitable cocktails for bar and resturant operators worldwide. Finest Call products are shelf-stable before and after opening, and liter bottles are designed to fit all bar speed rails.

Finest Call Premium Cocktail Mixes are manufactured in America at a modern, state-of-the-art production facility located in New Albany, Indiana.

  • ONLY THE BEST: Pure tomato juice, celery, garlic, onion and savory spices
  • PERFECT POUR: Features the patented Finest Call packaging with a new dispensing closure "bartender designed" specifically for precise, high speed pour applications
  • CONSISTENT & STABLE: 100% consistent flavor and yield
  • WHAT THE PROS USE: Finest Call Cocktail Mixes are the highest quality, most bartender-friendly mixes in the worlds
  • PERFECTLY PACKAGED: 1 liter bottle (33.8 fl oz.) comes individually boxed for safe shipping