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Herbsmith 15 Count 8.48 Oz. Dog Breath Formula

Herbsmith 15 Count 8.48 Oz. Dog Breath Formula

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If you’re lucky enough to have a dog or be accosted with a friendly dog’s kisses, you know what dog breath is and why it’s best to avoid at all costs. It’s an offense on everyone’s nose and that’s why every dog should snack on our natural, grain-free dog dental hygiene chews. We’re not just another green dental chew, we promise. While traditional dental chews do great work lifting tartar from the lower parts of teeth, dental products like ours, use sea algae to put active, tartar-fighting agents right at the gum line (the area that most dental issues develop). Dental tartar is layer after layer of biofilm. Sea algae breaks down biofilm using its natural biological processes. So, the sea algae in our chews is able to soften the tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. All you have to do is give your pup a chew after his evening meal and the spearmint and parsley get to work freshening his breath while the algae soften up that tartar on his teeth.

  • THE EASIEST WAY TO FRESHEN BREATH - When you’re greeted with a cold nose every morning you also know that doggie breath isn’t far behind. But, you could be saying good morning to fresher breath with our Dog Breath treats. How? Spearmint and parsley work together to freshen your dog’s breath so you don’t have to hold your breath the next time he comes to say hello.
  • SIMPLE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our good breath dog treats use all-natural ingredients to battle bad breath and tartar-coated teeth in dogs. Sea algae, spearmint and parsley coat your dog’s teeth and gums and get to work softening caked-on tartar and freshening breath.
  • SKIP THE DAILY BRUSH - These dog breath freshener treats can complement a daily dental routine or be used as a quick fix for dog breath. Skip the brushing and the spraying and just make dental health for dogs easy with these tasty dental treats.
  • FOR PEARLY WHITES - We’re not just about good breath. Dental tartar is actually layer after layer of biofilm, and our chews are made up of sea algae which breaks biofilm down. As soon as your dog chews on a hard bone the sea algae help break away that thick, hardened tartar, so your dog’s teeth are tarter-free and healthier!
  • THEY TASTE GOOD TOO! - We wouldn’t dream of making dog dental care treats that your dog didn’t actually care to eat. Where’s the fun in that?! The minty fresh flavor is tasty too!
  • GRAIN FREE GUARANTEE - 100% GRAIN FREE because why would we want that in our dental chews? Other brands who shall not be named, use grains, high in carbohydrates, which contribute to tartar-build up, gasp!
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED - Doggie breath is more than just unfortunate. It’s due to tartar build-up and bacteria on the surface of the teeth. To defend against tartar and bad breath, Dr. Bessent developed this proprietary blend using natural ingredients. And she’s not alone in her beliefs. Holistic veterinarians believe in the benefits of natural dental chews and choose to carry Doggie Breath in their practices.