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Herbsmith Organic Milk Thistle for Dogs and Cats

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Milk Thistle is the holy grail of liver supplements for dogs and cats. The more pharmaceuticals your pet takes, the more they are exposed to toxins – that puts the liver under serious stress! Our organic milk thistle (because why would you want anything else for your pet) acts as liver support for cats and dogs, flushing out the toxins that they encounter every day. You’ll see healthier skin, but what you won’t see is just as impressive. Milk Thistle provides extra benefits to other organs, boosting the performance of vital organs; pancreas, gallbladder and the kidneys. Our milk thistle includes just one ingredient – milk thistle! It’s not an extract, so your pet is getting all of the phenomenal nutrients from the entire plant. Get more out of your milk thistle! Got an allergy-ridden pet? Milk thistle can help with that too! All of the medications that help your pet’s allergies can also weigh them down with unhealthy side effects. As the protector of the liver, Milk Thistle rids the body of the bad stuff, so your pet is just left with awesome allergy relief! Dosage: For Dogs: Less than 15 lbs: ⅛ tsp twice a day 15-30 lbs: ¼ tsp twice a day 31-80 lbs: ½ tsp twice a day 81-120 lbs: ¾ tsp twice a day 120+ lbs: 1 tsp twice a day For Cats: ⅛ tsp. twice a day Cautions: Not to be used in pregnant pets. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product. Not for use within 48 hours of surgery/anesthesia.

  • Certified Usda Organic Milk Thistle – With Only One Ingredient – Pure, 100% Organic Milk Thistle – It Is More Potent Than An Extract. It’S Sourced From Just One Location With The Perfect Climate And Soil Composition For Maximum Effects. Thanks To The Usda, You Know That You’Re Receiving A High-Quality, Safe Product For Your Pet!
  • Liver Support For Cats & Dogs – Milk Thistle Acts As Both A Protectant And Liver Detox For Cats And Dogs. It Has Demonstrated Positive Impacts Like Flushing Out Harmful Toxins From Medications, Antibiotics, Free Radicals And Heavy Metals. Keeping Your Pet Always Feeling Their Best!
  • May Help With Elevated Liver Enzymes – High Levels Of Liver Enzymes Can Pose Serious Health Risks! Recent Research Has Shown Promising Results When Studying The Effects Of Milk Thistle For Cats With High Liver Enzymes Often Related To Fatty Liver Disease. Since The Entire Plant Is Used In Our Milk Thistle Product, The Benefits Extend Beyond Just A Detox.
  • Extra Support For Seasonal Allergies – Pets With Seasonal Allergies Are Often Prescribed Corticosteroids And Antihistamines, Which Can Really Take A Toll On The Liver After Long Term Use. Milk Thistle Can Help Protect And Repair The Damage That These Strong Drugs Bring Along, Providing A Continuous Liver Detox For Cats And Dogs.
  • Made In The Usa – This Supplement Was Created By Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Chris Bessent, Who Owns And Operates Herbsmith’S Two Facilities In Wisconsin. It’S Quality You Can Trust From A Veterinarian With Over 30 Years Of Experience.