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Herbsmith Sassy Cat Treats - Freeze Dried Chicken Treats – All Natural Treats...

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People can say that puppy dog eyes are the hardest to resist but until you’ve seen a cat prop up on her hind legs and paw gently at your hand while making prolonged eye contact, you can’t know the willpower it takes not to dump the entirety of that bag into your palms, so she can snack at her leisure. The only reason you’re able to resist is because you want her to save room for dinner, when you can spoil her more. Sassy or sweet, diva or a shy guy, they all come from far and wide when they hear a bag being rustled. And, it’s even better when it’s a Sassy Cat Treat bag! Designed with more than just your cat’s taste buds in mind (though it is a priority!), we always use real 100% USA-sourced meats, fruits and veggies – zero additives, fillers, colors, or grains because we believe food is the foundation of health. We choose simple, whole ingredients chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, to lovingly craft limited-ingredient treats for cats. Our Sassy Cat Treats come in a variety of flavors, each with their own health benefits. Freeze-dried to lock in taste and nutrition, these tasty morsels are perfect for cats of all ages. So, you’ll always be able to reward your kitty with a treat that’s actually good for her (whether she’s earned it or not). Stop searching for the best kitty treats and add these to your cart already!

  • Meat-Based With Balancing Vegetables And Fruit
  • No Grains, No Fillers, No Artificial Preservatives
  • Freeze-Dried, Real Food Treats
  • Source And Made In The Usa
  • Herbsmith Freeze Dried - Chicken, Apples & Spinach Formula - Sassy Cat Treats - 1.25 Oz