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Liber & Co. Real Grenadine

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REAL GRENADINE Real Grenadine is a classic bar syrup made from ripe, cold-pressed pomegranates and pure cane sugar Cold-processing retains our fruit's naturally fresh flavors and rich color Orange flower water lends the syrup an elegant floral aroma Far superior to artificially flavored alternatives THE COMPANY OF LIBER LIBER & CO. is devoted to the art of making exceptional cocktails. We craft a suite of essential bar syrups to help you, the cocktail lover, enjoy a world of better drinks. WHAT’S IN A BETTER SYRUP? To satisfy today's discerning drinker, we knew we wouldn’t be cutting any corners. From the start, we’ve crafted our syrups to be at once excellent and authentic in flavor. These commitments mean that our raw ingredients are supremely important to us. The quality of our products depends directly on what goes in them, so sourcing the best raw ingredients available is absolutely paramount. Our ingredients come from a variety of growers and farmers, from world-renowned Texas grapefruit orchards, to a small, family-run pomegranate farm in California. We seek out these best suppliers and foster great relationships with them. WE USE: Real fruit and vegetable juices Pure cane sugar Natural flavors and botanicals WE AVOID: High Fructose Corn Syrup Artificial Sweeteners Artificial Flavors/Colors

  • Liber & Co. Real Grenadine is a premium pomegranate-based cocktail syrup
  • Essential in classics like the Jack Rose, Tequila Sunrise and Scofflaw
  • Made from California pomegranates, pure cane sugar and orange flower water
  • Intense red color intrinsic to the naturally red fruit
  • Crafted in Austin, TX | 65% juice | 8.5 oz bottle makes 12-20 cocktails