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NeoCell Joint Bursts 30 Chews Two Pack

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NeoCell Joint Bursts 30 Chews Two Pack

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  • Package Quantity: 2

Package Quantity:2 Nourish Your Joints With a Trio of Benefits These three joint-health nutrients work together to support flexibility, mobility and comfort:† Collagen Type 2 The main structural protein of joint cartilage, Type 2 collagen provides strength and cushioning to joints, and supports connective tissue. † It offers support specific to the function and recovery of cartilage after events like sports injuries, a broken nose, or meniscus injury.† Additionally, it helps support back, jaw, knee for overall joint health.† Hyaluronic Acid The primary component of synovial fluid which lubricates the joints and provides a cushion that minimizes wear and tear, acts as a shock absorber, and promotes elasticity.† It provides hydration to the skin, and eyes and may protect against the oxidative damage of UVB light†. Turmeric Also known as curcumin, turmeric has been used for centuries in Eastern and Indian medicine among other practices. Both tradition and recent research suggest that turmeric promotes a healthy inflammatory response within joints and other areas of the body.†


  • Type 2 collagen provides strength and cushioning to joints


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