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PW1 Whey Protein Powder | 5 Natural Ingredients, Tested Certified, Pure, Pasture Raised, Non GMO, No Pesticides & No Hormones | 21g Protein - by Puori

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Puori - PW1 Whey Protein Powder - Grass Fed, Non-GMO, Only 5 Natural Ingredients, 21g Protein, Dark Chocolate, 1lbs

  • (CLEAN LABEL PROJECT PURITY AWARD) Many protein supplements contain artificial sweeteners, additives and unnecessary ingredients. We want products that only contains the essential building blocks for recovery.
  • (BENEFITS) Protein help maintain and grow muscle mass, and right after exercise the muscles recovers better when supplementing with protein.
  • (INGREDIENT STORY) PW1 is pasture raised as well as non-GMO, hormone, antibiotics- and pesticide free. Both forms of farming have their advantages and are preferable over whey from conventionally raised cattle.
  • (FULL TRANSPARENCY) Every batch of every product tested for purity and potency by Clean Label Project. They use independent laboratories and publish the test results for everyone to see.
  • (MADE IN CANADA) Manufactured in Canada following strict GMP guidelines.