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Stash Tea (6 Pack)

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For our unique Licorice Spice tea we combine the finest licorice root from Europe, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, star anise from China, orange peel from the U.S.and sarsaparilla from South America. The result is a delicious dessert-like tea, good anytime, but especially enjoyable in the evening, as it's caffeine free.Licorice Spice is an exclusive blend for Stash Tea. It is both sweet and spicy with the distinct yet subtle flavor of black licorice.

  • Made from a blend of licorice root and spices such as cinnamon, orange peel, and Chinese star anise
  • Sweet flavor, all-natural
  • Foil-wrapped tea bags in each box
  • Made from imported and domestic ingredients and packaged in Tigard, Oregon