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Tabasco Brand Sriracha Flavored With Oak Barrel Aged 20oz ( 2Pack )

Tabasco Brand Sriracha Flavored With Oak Barrel Aged 20oz ( 2Pack )

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TABASCO 20 oz. sriracha hot sauce provides a quick and easy way to flavor your dishes! Sriracha continues to grow in popularity, and this sauce combines sriracha flavor with a kick from TABASCO signature red peppers. Just a small amount will spice up any appetizer, snack, or entree you create. Choose TABASCO hot sauce for your restaurant or event, and your guests will recognize the brand name as one that stands for consistent quality and taste! Common among Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, this sriracha hot sauce is great for pad thai, chow mein, wontons, and soups. Blend it into signature barbeque sauces or hot sauces for wings, hot dogs, and hamburgers. It even enhances ketchup, mayonnaise, and dressings. No matter how you use it, the distinctive savory, sweet, and spicy blend of flavors makes an excellent addition to any meal. This 20 oz. bottle is great for back or front of the house use. Customers can simply remove the cap, add a few dashes to their dishes, and experience the unmistakable sriracha flavor they love

  • Sauce is a tangy blend of sweet chilis, authentic Thai-style spices
  • Sriracha Sauce is great with all of your favorite foods, drinks and desserts
  • Sriracha Sauce squeeze bottle handy in the kitchen, near the grill and on the table for a burst of hot, sweet and garlicky flavor in condiments, in sauces and dips, on grilled meats and seafood