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Tea Tree Oil & Neem Wintergreen Toothpaste (6pk)

Tea Tree Oil & Neem Wintergreen Toothpaste (6pk)

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Realize Your Smile's Potential Give your teeth the cleaning they deserve with our Desert Essence toothpaste made of powerful yet gentle ingredients from nature. This gluten free and fluoride free toothpaste is also clear of harsh abrasives to give you a bright, brilliant smile. This toothpaste is packed with essential oils and extracts sourced from nature to provide you with long-lasting fresh breath and a deep clean you can always feel good about.

Natural Beauty Redefined Focused on improving health and happiness for the global population, Desert Essence has been sourcing nature's best ingredients to craft pure and effective personal care products since 1978. Desert Essence is a company dedicated to nature and committed to creating only the most responsible products, from shampoo to toothpaste and everything in between. You will experience beauty naturally, from the ground up.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste
Refreshing flavor of Wintergreen Mint.
No harsh abbrasives, sweetners, or artificial flavors
Australian Tea Tree Oil helps defend against sugar acids
Cruelty free; No animal testing of raw materials or final product
Neem, the Ayurvedic "toothbrush" is renowned for helping keep teeth and gums healthy
Also available in 3 other different flavors; Fennel, Mint, and Ginger!

  • Refreshing - tea tree oil and neem toothpaste is flavored with the pure essential oil of wintergreen leaf that keeps your breath feeling fresh
  • Deep cleans teeth and gums - with the combination of sea salt, baking soda, and neem extract, this toothpaste deep cleans the teeth and gums
  • Natural ingredients - desert essence tea tree oil and neem toothpaste is made using natural ingredients like neem extract, sea salt, wintergreen leaf oil, and eco-harvest tea tree oil and leaf distillate
  • Safe for regular use - this toothpaste does not contain sweeteners, parabens, harsh abrasives, glycols, fluoride, phthalates, petroleum compounds, and artificial fragrances or dyes