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THE NEW PRIMAL Bone Broth BBQ Sauce, 12 OZ

THE NEW PRIMAL Bone Broth BBQ Sauce, 12 OZ

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Go ahead, call it a comeback. Millennia ago, ancient humans stumbled on a comfort food that made them more, well, comfortable. In an effort to use every last, delicious part of their protein (a quest we salute), smart carnivores crafted an ingredient that happened to be crazy-dense with nutrients. Fast forward 2,500 years, and more smart carnivores are finding ways to sneak the magic of grass-fed bone broth into their diets. Weve put it in a savory sauce for humans to douse back on that precious protein. Thats how you comeback around in the meat world, right?

  • WHOLE30 & PALEO APPROVED: The New Primal Buffalo sauces are Whole30 Approved and Paleo certified. This mean each delicious sauce keeps your meats and veggies - and you - well within your nutrition objectives. No more cobbling together recipes or wasting ingredients.
  • CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE: Each variety receives the stamp of strictest standards to promote a healthy gut and happy gut-check. Because who really needs gluten or genetic modification? Not you.
  • LOW FAT AND LOW CARB: Our sauces just happen to be low fat and low carb. Why wont you miss more of those? Because of our secret weapon: coconut aminos. Every flavor is free of refined sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, oil,trans fats, artificial fillers, and preservatives. (You guessed it... you wont miss those, either.)
  • HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS: Turn that bottle around and check out the list of tasty, natural ingredients. You know them, you can pronounce them, and they are already making your mouth water. Three simple genius recipes mean everyone craves a favorite.