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Weiman 12Oz Furniture Polish Aero 2-Pack

Weiman 12Oz Furniture Polish Aero 2-Pack

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Naturally cleans, conditions, moisturizes & protects fine wood & cabinets. No silicone or wax buildup. Contains UVX-15 Sunscreen to protect your wood from the damaging effects of the sun. Use regularly to help protect wood from drying, checking, fading and discoloring. A rich cleaner and conditioner for fine wood finishes and leather. Cleanses away harmful dust, dirt, grime and removes damaging smoke residue. Contains six natural oils including Lemon, Walnut and Almond that soak deep into the pores of your wood to gently clean, moisturize and nourish your fine wood furniture, antiques, cabinets and paneling. Helps protect wood from watermarks and other stains. Gives wood a deep, rich lustre that enhances the natural color of wood grain. Our unique proprietary formula contains no harmful silicones or waxes, so there is never a buildup when using Weiman. Non-toxic and safe to use, Weiman contains no solvents of harsh chemicals, only natural wood cleaners and conditioners. Weiman is recommended by some of the world's finest furniture manufacturers and furniture refinishers. Contains no CFC's or other ozone depleting substances.

  • Pack of 2
  • Cleans away dust, dirt, grime and smoke residue
  • UVX-15 sunscreen prevents drying, fading, cracking and discoloration
  • Preserves wood and protects against aging
  • Recommended for all wood types, including antique wood