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Zint Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin Protein Powder Pouch

Zint Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin Protein Powder Pouch

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Baking is beautiful. Sometimes you put down the mascara and reach for the spatula. While our beef gelatin powder works as collagen beauty supplement, rejuvenating the smoothness and glow of your skin and strengthening your hair and nails, it’s also a fabulous baking ingredient. As a natural thickening agent, it’s an essential ingredient for jello, gummies, smoothies, cookies, and more. Dissolve it in water. Let it bloom.


First add gelatin to a small amount of room temperature water and stir. When it's fully dissolved, add hot liquid. One tablespoon of unflavored gelatin powder will gel two cups of liquid.


Glowing skin, luminous hair, strong nails. Authentic beauty is deeper than makeup, starting from an inner vitality that radiates outward. Our Beauty Elements lineup features essential beauty nutrients with powerful results. Mix it. Drink it. Bake it. Express your elemental beauty.

  • THE BEAUTY PRODUCT FOR THE KITCHEN: Zint Beef Gelatin is two products in one: a natural collagen protein beauty supplement with anti aging effects for skin, hair and nails, and a premium non-GMO, Paleo-friendly grass-fed baking ingredient for thickening recipes.*
  • REPLENISH YOUR BODY’S COLLAGEN: Zint Gelatin is a pure anti-aging protein vital for replenishing your body’s declining collagen supply, rejuvenating your skin, hair, nails and joints for natural beauty and youthfulness. It also nourishes cartilage, tendons and joints that wear with age.*
  • THICKENS JELLO, GUMMIES & MORE: Our grass-fed KETO Certified gelatin powder blooms when added to liquid, perfect for making jello, homemade marshmallows, gummies, cookies, stews, and other treats!
  • PREMIUM DISSOLVABILITY & TASTE: Neutral in flavor and smooth in texture, Zint Gelatin dissolves easily, thickening your recipes beautifully while offering you an amazing anti-aging collagen boost.*
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’re confident that you’ll love Zint. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund with 90 days of purchase.